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Masonic Rings

Many times I am asked the difference between an open back, solid back, or closed back ring. In an open back ring, with the ring off of your finger, there is a void behind the head of the ring. In other words, in a ring that contains a stone in the head you will be able to see the back of the stone. In a solid back ring, the entire back of the ring is filled with gold, at least in all of my rings. Cheaper substitutes sometimes use other materials such as lead or cork to fill in the back of the ring. The backs of my solid back rings are filled with gold, thus making them heavier. In my opinion, the solid back ring is more durable and much more confortable to wear. A closed back ring will appear to look the same as a solid back ring because it will appear smooth on the inside just as solid back ring. The difference will be the weight and the durability of the ring because there is actually a void in the back of the ring which is not apparent as you look at the ring.My Choice: If the cost of a solid back ring is within your budget, go with the solid back ring. It will be much more confortable to wear and last a lot longer. The rings for my sale on my online business, indicate whether the ring is an open back, solid back or closed back ring.